What is Your Definition of Funny?

Life is a funny thing, ya know? One moment you think you understand everything perfectly. The next moment you are lost. I have been running so fast that I have forgotten to look where I was going. And man did I get lost. It is like at the beach. When you are in the ocean and wave after wave crashes into you. Then there is a pause and everything is calm. You can see to the horizon. Then you turn your back and you are overtaken by something you never saw coming. I do not know where my head is anymore and I cannot tell if that is a bad thing. I am blissfully ignorant to my surroundings, but I know all to well things I should not. Avoiding the world like it is the plague sounds quite pleasurable, but if I do that would my life become irrelevant therefore making what I am running from pointless? Dammit. Just another question for me to never have an answer to.

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